IHC Chapter 41 Business Meeting, June 11, 2017

The meeting was called to order by Tinker Moats.
The minutes of the Board Meeting were read by Cynthia Shaver. A motion was made to accept the minutes as read. It was seconded and approved.
The minutes from the April Business Meeting were read . As there were no corrections a motion was made to accept the minutes as read. It was seconded and approved.
The Treasurer’s Report was given by Jennifer Puffenbarger. The balance in the account is
$4574.14. Jennifer noted that there was still an amount of $1000.00 to $1200.00 to be paid to the Fairgrounds for the Summer Show. A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s Report as given. It was seconded and approved.

Old Business:
Relay for Life Report: The amount for Relay For Life from the Auction is $4344.00. The Team was 7th out of 92 Teams at the Relay For Life Event held May 5, 2017 at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds. The total raised at the Event was $10,377.50. Becky thanked everyone for their help and donations to the Auction.
Proposal for New Cabinet at the McCormick Farm: The International Harvester Collectors
Charitable Trust has been set up to help fund the cost of this cabinet that will house the reaper models. The estimate for the cabinet is $11,000. Tinker reported on a letter that had been sent to all IHC Presidents from the Trustees of the Charitable Trust. It was noted that Chapter 42 of North Carolina had pledged $500.00. A motion was made for our Chapter to pledge $1000.00. It was seconded and approved.
There was discussion about the construction of the building for the Farm Museum in the
Shenandoah Valley. A motion was made by Dixie Teter to donate $1000.00 for this project. It was seconded by Raymond Grogg. The motion was approved.
Winter Convention: After further discussion about the Convention it was decided that the Chapter would not help with the Convention planned for 2020.
National Auction: There was discussion about helping other Chapters with the Auction that is tentatively scheduled for the 4th weekend of October, 2020. A motion was made by Jerry McDonald to help with the Auction. It was seconded by Winona Scott. The motion carried.

Inside Vendors: David Seal asked if anyone had inside vendors. If so, please let him know.
Exhibitors: Due to insurance regulations that exhibitors must be IHC members, there was discussion concerning some exhibitors from last year that had static exhibits. As the Chapter wants to encourage everyone to become a member, David Seal suggested that the Chapter could give the exhibitors, who were sent a letter about the insurance rules, a waiver this year and the Chapter would pay the National Dues for this year only so they could participate in our Show. We hope they will renew their membership and also become a Chapter Member. A motion was made by Tyrone Scott to accept this suggestion. It was seconded by Roger Baker. The motion was approved.
SetUp: The setup will be the same as last year.
Becky Seal suggested that we have a registration table for the items donated for the Auction.
This suggestion was agreed to.
As there was no new business Tinker asked for a motion to adjourn. A motion was made by Becky Seal and seconded by Dennis Carr. The motion was approved.