Membership Benefits:

Join fellow IH colletors and fans in Virginia for IH collecting, restoration and show displays, competitions, tractor rides, fellowship and meetings with family involvement. Many current members reside in the Shenandoah Valley but we are actively seeking opportunities for IH club involvement in all areas of Virginia. Please contact us about membership and opportunities using this form.

Members receive a quarterly publication, Harvester Highlights, which provides information on club business; reports from various committees; upcoming show listings; news from chapters; feature stories, restoration information and limited free publication of wanted and for sale ads. Insurance is provided for members at club sanctioned shows. Besides the annual summer show, there is a Winter Convention with banquet for members. An all IH auction supported by chapters in a different state each year. The club also supports displays at local farm shows.

Yearly Membership Cost:

Adults: $30 

Juniors: $15
If you are 16 years old or  younger and would like to become a Member of the IH Club just have a current Member to Sponsor you and for $15 you can join.

Interested in Joining? Complete this form:

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