Auction Items 2017 Show

2pm Saturday Auction by T. Weaver Auctioneering.

Auction Items are below.

Made & Donated by Tyrone and Winona Scott Face Board Will be on display at the show for children to take pictures.

Donated by The Shavers:

Item donated by Patchwork Plus, Dayton, VA: Farmall Wall Hanging & Gift Certificate of $25

Item donated by Agri-Supply, Petersburg, VA From Member: Pope Reed: Cordless Drill and Light



Item Donated by Hoober, Ashland, VA From Member Pope Reed: 1206 Prestige model


Item donated by Janet Hyre, Hurricane, West Virginia–Farm Scene wall hanging machine quilted

Item Donated by Mark Tanis:  1/16 Scale F-20 Precision Series

Item donated by Woodstock Tractor- Member donation(Mark Tanis):IHC 66 Series (966,966 Hydro, 1066 Hydro, 1466 Turbo) and IHC Commemorative Edition 66 Series 5,000,000 Tractor.

Donated by Mr. & Mrs.Robert Lanford:Magnum MX 305 With Disc Ripper

Items donated by Kathy Tanis: Baby blankets, purse, and cart crocheted items

Item donated by Roger Baker & Dennis Carr:Large Farmall Puzzle Framed

Item Donated by Keystone Truck & Tractor Museum: Farmall Sign and 5 Keystone Truck & Tractor Museum Passes

Item donated by Bob and Libby Selkirk: Boot tray, 460 model tractor and sign.

Items donated by Highway Motors

Items donated by Huffman Trailer Sales

Item donated by Rockingham Petroleum Southern States, Harrisonburg, VA

Item donated By Steve Kegley IH 2-bottom Trailer Plow

Items donated by Roger Baker. Quilt made by Cynthia Shaver

Item donated by Jean Caplinger: Irma Harding bad holder

Item Donated by Madison: 2 Stickers Ih Collector’s for a Cure and 2 Magnets IH Collector’s for a Cure

Item Donated by David, Becky, and Madison: IH tabletop cornhole boards.