Club Business Meeting – June 10, 2018

IHCC 41 Business Meeting, June 10, 2018
The meeting was called to order by Tinker Moats.
The Treasurer’s Report was given: $4002.55 is the current balance. The ads for the Summer
Show still need to be paid.
The Minutes from the April Meeting were read by Tinker. Tinker reported that the Summer
Show was paid for, the Relay for Life Team had $2000.00, and the April 28,2018 Garden
Workshop was held. A motion was made by Jerry McDonald to accept the minutes. It was
seconded by Bill Shaver. The motion was approved.
Old Business: Tyrone and Bobby will get the Plaque from Dick Forster at Red Power listing the
donors for the Trust for the McCormick Farm.
New Business: The Club was asked if they would be interested in doing the food for the
Puffenbarger Auction on August 11, 2018. A motion was made by Ron Knicely to do the food.
It was seconded by Bill Shaver. The motion carried. Cynthia Shaver will coordinate. Becky
Seal and Sherri Carr said they would help. If you would like to make cookies or brownies for the
sale, call Cynthia Shaver at 540-433-3624.
There is a Cub Cadet in Pennsylvania that can be purchased for parts for $50.00. A motion was
made by Tyrone Scott to purchase the Cub. It was seconded by Mark. The motion carried.
On Saturday, June 30, 2018, there will be a benefit in Shenandoah, for Taylor Shifflett who was
badly injured in a car accident.
Show Reports: Tyrone has been talking to vendors.
Bill will be doing Senior Shuttle and outside display.
David is handling inside vendors.
The music will be at 6:30 on Friday evening.
Camping is available for $40.00 per night by the Fairgrounds.
Need Barrel Train Drivers.
Relay for Life made $7500.00. The Team was eighth out of 90 teams.
Next meeting will be August 12, 2018, at Bridgewater Park. PICNIC: Bring a dish. Hamburgers
and hot dogs furnished.
As there was no other business, a motion was made by Jerry McDonald to adjourn. It was
seconded by Becky Seal. The motion carried.