October 22, 2016 Meeting Minutes

IHCCofVA Meeting, October 22, 2016
The meeting was called to order by Tinker Moats.
The August Minutes were read and approved.
The August Board Minutes were read and approved. After the Board Minutes were read there
was further discussion concerning insurance dealing with sanctioned activities by the club. The
discussion concerned non-members participating in activities at the sanctioned shows.
According to our attorney, you must be a member in order to participate or show at the
sanctioned functions in order to be covered by the IHC National Policy. The club is waiting for a
letter from our attorney clarifying this policy.
The Treasurer’s report was given by Jennifer. The beginning balance is $3145.55. Roughly
$2600.00 will be added from the sale of sandwiches and $813.05 spent for the tenderloin
sandwiches will be subtracted. A motion was made to accept the report. It was seconded and
Old Business: Auction ; Winona asked once again if anyone would like to be in charge of the
Auction for next year. Please think about it and let her know. There is a lot of work involved
with identifying each item and preparing cards. The Auction Committee needs a lot of help to
set everything up. Winona has done a wonderful job with the auction but would like for
someone else do the job for a while. Please think about it and let her know if you would be
New Business: Newsletter: The club would like to do a Memorial for David “Mac” McAllister,
who passed away on September 16, 2016, in the Winter Newsletter. If anyone has anything
they would like to share about Mac, please let Winona know.
Relay for Life: Relay for Life will be May 5, 2016, starting at 6:00 P.M.
Donations for the Relay for Life Auction need to be given to Becky or David Seal by April
1,2017. The club donates 30% of the Auction money to Relay for Life. The amount this year
was a little over $1194.00. A motion was made to round that figure to $1200.00. It was
seconded and approved. The club will be listed as an associate on the back of the Relay for
Life T-Shirt as we donated more than $1000.00.
Becky reported that Relay for Life helps cancer patients in Rockingham County and
Harrisonburg. They have a list of organisations and individuals that they can call on if there is
some kind of special need that needs to be filled. A motion was made for the club to be added
to this list and put aside $200.00 to help if we are called on. It was seconded and approved.
Becky said to let her know if an individual would like to have their name put on the list as willing
to help if needed.
The Christmas Dinner will be the second Sunday in December (if that day is available) at Cross
Keys Worship Center. It will be a covered dish meal. Tyrone will provide the meat. The club
will provide drinks, plates and utensils.
Tyrone said he would invite all the vendors from our summer show to attend our dinner.
A review was done to see the amount that the club was donating to Cross Keys Worship Center
for letting us have our meetings and Christmas Dinner there. At the April Meeting in 2016 a
motion was made, seconded and approved to donate $200.00 to them at the Christmas Dinner.
As there was no other business, the meeting was adjourne