Club Meeting Minutes: August 14, 2016

IHCCof VA Chapter 41 Meeting, August 14, 2016

● An informal meeting was conducted before the picnic. Cynthia handed out copies of the

minutes from the June Meeting.

● Steve Kegley asked if we wanted to participate at Somerset in 2017. If we did we

needed to pay $100.00 to reserve the location we have this year for next year. The

members voted to participate.

● The members were asked if they wanted to do a fundraiser in October. The date

suggested was October 8, 2016. We would make BBQ sandwiches that were pre­sold.

Tyrone would check back about the date. Also we would have the meeting on that

Saturday after we finished with the sandwiches. Members would be notified of the

fundraiser and the meeting.

● The Groggs asked about the club participating in the Creative Work Farm on Purple Cow

Road as we did last year. The date would be Sunday, October 9, 2016. There was a

motion made and seconded for members to attend and display items if they wanted to.

It was approved.

● News Letter­­­ email Winona with any information or interesting stories you would like to

have appear in the News Letter.

● Winona asked if anyone would be interested in taking charge of the auction for next

year. Please think about it.

● There was discussion about renting a stack of chairs for the Summer Show. These

chairs would be available for anyone to use inside and for the auction. Also, could we

get 4 picnic tables for outside by the food booth for use by anyone wishing to have a

place to sit and eat. A motion was made to get these from the Fair. It was seconded

and approved.

● Kids Activities­­­Gary Mitchell asked if we could have a signup sheet for help with Kids

Activities. There was a lot of participation in the activities.

● Food­­Cynthia reported that there was good feedback on the food vendors. Winona

suggested we write a Thank You Letter to the food vendors and invite them to participate

again next year.

● Winona suggested we put Tom Weaver’s name in our newspaper ad as he has quite a

following for his auctions. He gave us his state number­­VA# 2367­­ as it is required to

be published with his name. A motion was made to give him free membership as he

does all our auctions. It was seconded and approved.

● It was suggested that the club reimburse David Seal for payment to the band that

performed on Friday night. They did not receive as much as they normally get for a

performance and he made up the difference. A motion was made and seconded. It was

approved. Bobby Menefee suggested the club be aware of costs, if any, before

entertainment is asked to perform.

● The Groggs invited the club to participate in the Fall Festival at Churchville on

September 24, 2016. International Tractors will be featured.

● Cynthia mentioned that most of the inquiries about advertising were from members or

word of mouth.

● The meeting was adjourned. The blessing for the meal was given by Tom Weaver.