IHC of VA Meeting Minutes April 9, 2016

IHC of VA Meeting April 9,2016

● The meeting was called to order by Tinker Moats

● The Board Meeting Minutes were read. A motion was made to accept the minutes as

read. It was seconded and approved.

● The Minutes from the February Meeting were read. A motion was made to accept the

minutes as read. It was seconded and approved.

● The Treasurer’s Report was given. The beginning balance is $1591.85. This was after

the taxes were paid on the purchase of the trailer and the title transferred. The rough

numbers from the Sandwich Fundraiser was $1500.00 . After expenses of $780.50, the

new balance was around $3000.00. An accurate total will be available at the next

meeting. A motion was made to accept the report as given. It was seconded and


● Old Business­ Tinker thanked everyone involved in the installation of the shelves in the

trailer. Thanks was also given to the Committee for the Newsletter. Everyone agreed it

was a very good Newsletter.

● New Business­­

● Jennifer asked about the reporting of new Officers and Board Members. This should be

included on the Annual Report. The club should pay the Franchise Tax and do the

Annual Report at the same time.

● Our next Meeting will be at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds on June 12,2016 at

3:00 P.M.. The Summer Show will be discussed further at that time.

● Discussion was had about the amount of money to be given to Relay for Life from the

auction proceeds. A motion was made to give 30% of the proceeds. It was seconded

and approved. A motion was made to give Relay for Life $300.00 at this time. It was

seconded and approved.

● Tinker asked if we wanted to have a picnic in August. Last year it was held at the

Grottoes Town Park. There is a fee to use the Park Shelters. It was suggested we could

have it at Bridgewater where there would be no fee. It was tabled for further discussion.

● A motion was made to donate $200.00 to the Crosskeys Worship Center for the use of

the building for our meetings and fundraisers. The money would be given to them at the

Christmas Dinner in December. It was seconded and approved.

● Joy McDonald asked members to send her new pictures for the web site. She asked if

members could send her pictures of implements at the gmail address at the club web


● Insurance for the Trailer­­There was discussion about insurance for the trailer and

contents. The person towing the trailer is covered by their liability policy. The trailer and

contents is covered by the National Policy as long as it is at a sanctioned event. There

needs to be a business policy covering the trailer and contents going to and from

sanctioned events. A motion was made to have the president check about a policy. It

was seconded and approved.

● Committee Reports­­

● Auction­­ Winona is now accepting items for the auction. If you have an item, either get

it to Winona or email a picture to her.so it can be put on the web site. Tom Weaver is

the auctioneer. The auction will be on Saturday, at our show at 5:00 P.M.

● Advertising­­­Cynthia gave the report of expenses for last year and kind of advertising

used. It was decided to use more radio advertising and Craigs List as well as well as the

newspaper ads and other publications. Flyers will be available for members to disburse.

It was suggested we ask people how they heard about the show. This would give us a

better idea of the use of our advertising.

● Food­­There will be breakfast available on Saturday and Sunday mornings as well as

food available all day. Kettle Korn will be available and ice cream is still being


● Regular Activities­­­Bobby Menifee said he could do tractor games. Also, if anyone had

any other ideas please discuss them with him. There will be a Kiddie Pedal Tractor Pull

and a parade on Saturday and Sunday..

● Registration­­­It was suggested we put where people are from on the registration paper

displayed on all entries at the show. Jennifer said we would be able to do this.

● Bobby said he would furnish trophies for the Kiddies Tractor Pull and get more pens.

● The schedule of events was read from last year. There will be a similar one for this year.

● There was discussion about having entertainment for Friday and Saturday evenings.

Joy McDonald said she would check into this. She also said she would check about the

PA System for announcements.

● Relay for Life Report­­­Relay for Life will be at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds on

May 6th starting at 6:00 P.M. If anyone wants to help contact Becky Seal.

● Tyrone thanked everyone for helping with the sandwich fundraiser.

● There was discussion about making hand held fans to give away as advertising at the

Summer Show.We will contact people about putting them together.

● As there was no other business a motion was made to adjourn. It was seconded and